Building Wealth through Spiritual Health

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Finally! An honest discussion on what God really says about money. Building Wealth through Spiritual Health helps you cut through the confusion, misconceptions, and false teachings that surround God’s Word and money.

I wrote
Building Wealth through Spiritual Health initially out of curiosity. Through the years, I heard sermons, watched television programs, or read articles about Scripture and money. As a financial professional, I felt a need to become better versed in what Scripture said about money. So, I went about trying to find out as much about it as I could.

Through my study, I learned many things that opened my eyes. Before, when I heard someone quote Scripture with regard to money and finance, I believed what they said was true. I had no real reason to doubt them. What I soon found out was that some of these folks were leaving things out, and that made me angry. However, I was not angry with them. I was angry with myself. Why? Because all I had to do to become enlightened was to read the Word for myself. These words changed me and gave me a new perspective on life and on managing money, not only for myself but for my clients as well.

There have been many books written about Scripture and money. What I found was that these books either had good information on Scripture references about money but were light on practical financial information or had great financial information but were light on the Scriptural references about money.
Building Wealth through Spiritual Health gives you good information on both.

Inside, you’ll find solid information on personal finance topics that affect your everyday life. You will learn:

  • The best ways to save for retirement
  • New ways to save for college expenses
  • Smart ways to reduce your debt
  • The real deal on buying real estate

I also answer some of the most frequently asked Spiritual Questions:

  • Does God want us to be rich?
  • Is tithing a principle or law?
  • Can you “name and claim” anything you want in Jesus’ name?
  • Is poverty a blessing or a curse?